About Me

An artist can take inspiration from many things. For me, it has always been food. I grew up in a family of great chefs. Both my mother and twin brother filled our tables with wonderful creations and these fed my hunger to paint.

unnamedAfter studying art at school, I read History of Art at University where I was particularly drawn to the work of Paul Nash, David Hockney and Grayson Perry.

In my early paintings I found watercolours stylistically suited me best, allowing me to capture the fine details of my subjects.

As I moved to larger compositions however, I turned to acrylics and found this enabled me to capture the delicious texture of food more successfully. This is my main medium today.

In recent years I have been exhibiting my work in a number of ways. In 2015, I created 3D installations of Vienetta, Custard and Meringue for “Office Sessions”, a show curated by Caitlin Mavroleon.unnamed (1).jpg

Last year, I curated my own exhibition with the musician Piney Gir where I explored the relationship between edible art, music and food paintings.

I am now represented for my food art by Piccallo.